I live within Mt. Angel City limits

If you live within Mt. Angel city limits, your city property taxes provide a free full-service card.

Some people whose address includes “Mt. Angel, OR 97362” actually live outside city limits. You are only within the city limits if you or your rental property owner pays property taxes to the City of Mt. Angel. If you live outside city limits, you may apply for a basic, fee, or CARE card.

Do I live within the city limits of Mt. Angel?

You may check the city map to see if your residence is within the city boundary or ask a library staff member for assistance. We are happy to help!

Apply at the library:

Visit the Library Circulation Desk with photo ID (see below) and verification of current address.

Accepted forms of ID:

  • A current Oregon State Driver’s License or Identification Card showing current address.
  • Any photo ID AND verification of current address. Address verification may be any official document that includes your name and current address, such as mail postmarked within the last 30 days, an imprinted check, a lease, a current rent receipt or a utility bill.

Children’s library cards

  • Children 15 years and younger need the signature, photo ID, and address verification of a parent or guardian.

Questions? Please stop by the Circulation Desk at the Library or contact us.