Donate Materials to the Library

Library Donation Policy

Thank you for your donation in support of the Library!

Materials you donate will be considered for the library collection.

If the library cannot use the materials, they will be sold at the Friends of the Library book sale. Money from the sale supports the library.

We cannot return donated items if we do not use them in our collection.

Donations in non-returnable bags or boxes are accepted during regular library hours.

We accept:

  • Books
  • CDs
  • DVDs

We cannot accept:

  • Encyclopedias
  • National Geographic magazines
  • Readers Digest condensed books
  • Textbooks
  • Materials that are moldy, smelly, or in poor condition
  • Pamphlets/catalogs
  • Magazines
  • Vinyl records
  • Equipment or furniture
  • VHS tapes

Please ask for a donation receipt to use at tax time. Thank you!